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Last Updated: Tuesday November 28 2006 09:44 GMT

Mini 'tornado' hits Welsh village

The tornado hit a kids' park in Wales

A village woke up on Tuesday to find it had been battered by what looks like a mini tornado.

Roofs were torn off, trees ripped up and electricity cables blown down as the whirling winds hit Bow Street near Aberystwyth on Tuesday morning.

"At quarter past one this morning I heard a rumble coming, didn't know what it was, and then it hit the house," said local Kevin Walsh.

No-one was hurt in the storm, which may or may not have been a tornado.

Tornadoes are swirling columns of wind which form when a warm wind meets a cold one.


Experts have yet to decide whether what hit Bow Street was a tornado.

Amazing experience

Mr Walsh said: "It hit us first and then sliced a path through the village.

"Across the road there's a house there whose roof has been taken off. Further down another roof's been taken off.

"It was just an amazing, amazing experience."