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Last Updated: Friday December 15 2006 10:11 GMT

Nintendo replace dud Wii straps

People using the Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has said it will replace any broken Wii wrist straps for free after gamers reported the straps breaking during gaming.

But it is not replacing all 3.2m straps as reported by some news organisations early on Friday.

But Nintendo did discover there were possible problems with the design of the Wii strap in November and changed the design to make it safer.

All Nintendo Wii's are now sold with the safer design.

But there may have been a problem with the first batch of consoles.

If you're worried about your Wii contact Nintendo directly using the link on the right hand side.

Stick to rules

The Wiimote and strap
The Wiimote and strap
A spokesperson for Nintendo said: "There is no problem with the wrist strap as long as the Wii Remote is used sensibly and properly in accordance with the guidelines provided by Nintendo."

Several websites have published pictures of Wii-related injuries, although it's thought some of the snaps might have been faked.

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