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Last Updated: Thursday December 21 2006 13:19 GMT

Have you injured yourself playing the Wii?

The Wii game controller

Some people have been getting over-excited playing the Nintendo Wii and injuring themselves!

The console uses a special type of controller, which you can wave about like a wand.

The Wii comes with lots of safety tips, but some people are too involved in their game to remember them!

Have you, or anyone who know, hurt yourself playing the Wii? Or broken anything?

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Your Comments

People have blamed the damage on the Wii controller but it doesn't have legs so it couldn't have caused damage itself. I think that they must have got a bit carried away!
Anna, 10, London

People have blamed the damage on the Wii controller but it doesn't have legs so it couldn't have caused damage itself. I think that they must have got a bit carried away!
Anna, 10, London

My cousin has a Wii and he accidentally hit me in the face when we were playing the tennis game. I was alright though. I'm having one for Christmas and I will play with it properly, I think as long as you are sensible then no-one will get hurt.
Nathan, 12, Cardiff

Yes, I hurt my finger when I was playing on my brother's Wii. My advice is don't stay on it for long.
Hannah, 11, Botley

I think it's silly for people who can't hold remotes properly to complain about their own carelessness. It's like blaming a car company for not wearing a seatbelt in a car!
Anthony, 13, Northolt

Hurt, by a console? Mad!
Pierre, 10, Seaford

I think people are just silly who injure themselves. My friend has a Wii and says its fine, I'm just worried that they withdraw due to safety reasons, I really like it.
Boris, 13, Fleet

I love my Wii and I use it all the time and it has never harmed me in any way!
Sophie, 13, Bishop Middleham

I use it all the time and there is nothing wrong with it.
Mohammed, 11, London

The Wii comes with a strap. hellooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!
Megan, 10

I think you should have a lot of space when you play the Wii. My dad smacked his knee but it did not hurt him.
Daisy, 9, Leeds

The only injury I've had is a sore arm from playing tennis on it too much!
Ollie, 9, London

The people who have the Wii's are to blame, not Nintendo. If they have been too careless then that's their own fault and that's just tough because it's the way it goes.
Rachel, 10, Belfast

I use my Wii all the time and I have not hurt anything. It's your fault if you hurt yourself so wear the strap.
Sam, 10, Swansea

Well I haven't received my Nintendo Wii yet, I'm supposed to get 1 for Christmas, and it is dumb that people are getting hurt by it and breaking their TVs. It's just carelessness really, swinging too hard playing baseball or something, and cutting yourself? That's just madness!
Daniel ,12, London

The remote is like any other tool. If you don't use it properly then you only have yourself to blame.
Jemma, Devon

This is just silly. As a Wii owner I can say that the wrist strap provided is more than enough. Pure carelessness, if such a word is real.
Kieran, 10, Essex

I think the Wii is great and it's not Nintendo's fault, it's the person playing it!!!
Niamh, 12, Colerlaine

I think these people who have had injuries have simply been too careless and feel embarrassed about it and blame it on the console.
Ellie, 13, Leeds

I think it is silly that people are breaking things and blaming the console. I have played with one and think it is tremendous fun!
Michael, 12, Liverpool

This is just silly. As a Wii owner I can say that the WRISTSTRAP provided is more than enough. Pure carelessness.
Kieran, 10, Bishop Stortford

I think it's ridiculous that people say they've been 'hurt' when it's only because they're basically throwing the controller around. I haven't got a Wii yet but I know how to handle a remote. If I can handle it...YOU CAN TOO!!
Alexis, 10, Wallington

I can't believe people are so silly that they let go of the controller. It's not that hard to actually hold onto it.
David, 11, Lurgan

My friend's cousin has a Wii and her brother got hold of it. He wasn't quite sure how to use it so my friend's cousin told him. He then tried and hit himself in the eye. I think he was just being clumsy and if the right people are using them then they are harmless!
Holly, 10, Bath

I've got a Wii. They're really good fun. I haven't had any injuries and I think they're really safe.
Kate, 12, Teddington

People shouldn't be moving the remote around so quickly if the don't want it to fly out of their hand and damage something.
Emily, 12, High Wycombe

The Wii is in no way dangerous. If you got injured it is just because you are not very careful.
David, 11, Keswick

I've recently got a Wii and they're just fun. They're not dangerous if you follow the guidelines.
Lilly, 12, London

I've had a Wii since launch and have not hurt myself with it. Some people say that they've broken their expensive TVs with their remotes but that's just them either not using the hand strap or not gripping the remote enough. The only injury-like thing I've had is a sore elbow from playing Wii tennis too much.
James, 13, Banchory

I personally think you wont get any injuries if you don't go over the top.
Joe, 13, Cambridgeshire

It's fun and easy to play, but I think it's totally safe for everyone!
Alice, 10, Middlesex

I agree with Izzy, some people just don't think the wrist strap is cool. That's why it's there, guys. I have a Wii myself and I haven't been injured!
Adam, 11, Burnley

People are only getting injured because they don't attach the wrist strap. Because they think it 'isn't cool'.
Izzy, 11, Fleet

Nobody claims to have seriously injured themselves with a TV remote, so why should it be any different with a Wii remote?
Carla, 11, Newcastle

I can understand why people are getting hurt by the Wii but as long as they enjoy themselves they can play.
Callum, 9, Middlesbrough

It's stupid to think that a Wii remote is a safety hazard!
Marina, Manchester

This is utter nonsense; the suggestion that someone could become so immersed in a video game that they smack themselves in the face with a plastic remote control is utterly patronising.
Jan, 13, Slough

I haven't received my Wii yet but I'll be following the safety tips Nintendo says.
Katie, 13, Coventry

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