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Last Updated: Tuesday December 12 2006 16:18 GMT

Single review: Nelly Furtado - All Good Things

Singer Nelly Furtado

Release date

27 November

The sound

Nelly has decided to try something different for her third single to be released from the album, Loose.

A gentle guitar, slow beats and even some whistling all come together to make a song which shows off Nelly's voice.

The lyrics

Get a box of tissues ready as Nelly is feeling a little bit sad.

She sings about things being great but then going wrong. "Why do all good things come to an end?" she asks.

Will you still be humming it next week?

Smiling Nelly Furtado

It's Nelly's birthday on 2 December
She has sold more than 10 million albums
Nelly can speak English, Portuguese, Spanish and Hindi
The song doesn't have the energy of Nelly's other singles from this year but it is nice to hear something new.

Will it make the charts?

She has already scored eight Top 40 hits, and having found more fans with her new dance sound, this should be Nelly's ninth.

NR rating:

Newsround rating: four out of five

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Your comments

I think that Nelly is great but I just HATE this song!
Kelly, 10, Croydon

I really like this song! It's going on my playlist when I get it hopefully for Christmas!
Emma, 10, Newcastle

I think it's a brilliant song. She's got a really good voice!
Milly, 9

I love Nelly but this song didn't catch my heart, so it won't be on my playlist! Better luck next time Nelly!
Tasha, 11, Hove

I prefer Nelly's older music but this is still a fabulous song though! I'm going have this song played at our school disco!
Rachel, 13, Sheffield

I think this song is one of the best songs EVER. It's just amazing!
Hannah, 12, Forres

I love Nelly. At school I am doing a dance to her song.
Joanne, 10, Edinburgh

Love it! This is sooo like the old Nelly that there is no way her old fans wouldn't love this beautiful song! Her voice is amazing and the video is fantastic!
Clara, 13, Enniskillen