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Last Updated: Thursday December 14 2006 14:27 GMT

Game review: Wii Sports

Wii Sports


Sports sim

Format reviewed


Number of players



You can choose which character you want to be or make your own up. You can play a range of different sports such as bowling, boxing and tennis. The motion sensors mean you can move the controller like a tennis racket or a golf club without any wires getting in the way!


It's loads of fun, you can play on your own or with up to three other friends. The game never finishes so you can keep on playing without worrying about completing the whole game.


It would be great to play at small parties or things like that but it does get a little repetitive because there is no 'next stage' or any un-lockable sport.


The graphics are hilarious because your character looks like a toy that sits in the back of someone's car; and the backgrounds are full of colour and fun which is brilliant!


You can change the difficulty depending on how good you are.

Hit or miss?

Definitely a hit.

NR rating:

Four stars

Thanks to Ben, 12, from Loughborough for this review!

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Your comments

This way of gaming can keep you fit while having fun.
Jessica, 13, Swindon

I went round to my friend's the other day and WOW! I love the sound of the tennis racket hitting the ball and it's great exercise.
Amy, 9, Aylesbury