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Last Updated: Friday December 08 2006 17:18 GMT

Madonna caught in 'fur coat' row


Madonna is in trouble with an animal rights group that criticised her for wearing what they say is a fur coat.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (Peta) accused the singer of ignoring cruelty to animals by wearing a coat made of chinchilla fur.

They want her to see a film of animals being killed for their fur so she understands how fur coats are made.

She was snapped wearing the coat when she left a restaurant, but she hasn't said if it was real fur or not.

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The head of Peta in Europe said it was important that people understood how cruel fur was.

She said the way animals like chinchillas were killed caused them a lot of pain.

Madonna is designing clothes for a big chain of shops, H&M. Their website says they don't use fur in any of their clothes, and only use leather from animals killed for their meat.

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