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Last Updated: Friday December 08 2006 18:10 GMT

I tried the Wii before my friends

Hannah and Ben

Lucky Press Packers Hannah and Ben won a Newsround competition to test out the Nintendo Wii before it hit the shops.

Find out what Hannah thought about the movement sensors, playing tennis without a racket and getting her gaming fingers on the new console before all of her mates.

"I was really excited about checking out the Wii before any of my friends.

It wasn't how I expected it to be at all - it was much better!

Motion sensors

The way you interact with the games is amazing.

People play the Wii
People play the Wii
For example, I played a tennis game and I had to swing the movement sensor as if it was a tennis racket!

It's really weird for the first five minutes but you soon get used to it.

A workout

It's really energetic because you have to move and wave your arms about - it's like playing tennis in your own living room!

And it's great to play with other people because it's really fun interacting with them!

It's my favourite console now because it's so different from all the others.

Amazing day

My friends have all been talking about the Wii at school - they were really jealous that I was having a sneak preview of it!

Trying out the Wii was an amazing experience. I feel really special because I had a go on it before anyone else."

Hannah, 12, Cullingworth

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