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Last Updated: Thursday November 30 2006 13:04 GMT

Who ate all the mince pies?

Sonya "The Black Widow" Thomas

A woman who's nicknamed the Black Widow has gobbled up 46 mince pies really quickly to win a speed eating contest.

Sonya Thomas, from America, munched more mince pies in 10 minutes than anyone else to win the top prize of 1,000 at the event in England.

Speed eating contests are massive in the US, but they've only just found a place on the menu in the UK.

Some health campaigners aren't happy about the events, saying they make eating too much food look cool to kids.

A mince pie contest
The speed eaters didn't waste any time when munching the mince pies
Another eating contest, the World Pie Eating Championship, has changed the rules this year to make it a bit healthier.

Their winner is the person who can eat a single pie in the quickest time, rather than the one who can scoff the most in three minutes as it was in 2005.

Sonya is called the Black Widow after the female spider which kills its male friends - as she has out-eaten men who are five times bigger than her.

Amazingly all those pies didn't see to harm 36-year-old Sonya's appetite one bit, as she headed straight for the canteen afterwards to eat a huge plate of pasta for lunch!

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