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Last Updated: Friday November 17 2006 18:28 GMT

Kids named after famous people

Boy dressed up as Superman

Are you named after anyone famous? A study has found out that loads of you are being given the names of pop stars, animals and even footie clubs!

A study discovered that 7,261 girls have been called Kylie, with another 288 named Madonna.

But film characters also proved a hit with six babies named Gandalf after the wizard from Lord of the Rings, and two lucky boys given the name Superman.

Thirty-six sets of parents called their child Arsenal after the football team.

The study looked at the birth certificates register for the last 22 years.

Sporting influence

Sporting legend Tiger Woods has also made his mark with 1,200 boys named after him - or the animal.

And some kids didn't escape being branded - with the names Reebok and Adidas cropping up too.

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