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Last Updated: Wednesday November 29 2006 17:01 GMT

Costa Kids' Book Award: The finalists

The finalists for the Costa Children's Book Award have been revealed.

With help from the organisers, we have put together a mini-review of the shortlisted books.

It means you can find out more about them - and see if you want to read them!

Clay by David Almond

Clay cover
Clay cover

Davie and his mate Geordie are altar boys in the village of Felling-On-Tyne. They dream of getting revenge on a bully called Mouldy and his gang.

When new boy Stephen Rose arrives, he seems to be the answer to Davie's prayers. Stephen has been sent away from a religious school called a seminary.

He pulls Davie into his strange world creating tiny figures from clay and breathing life into them. As Davie and Stephen grow closer, they create a monster to defeat Mouldy once and for all.

The Diamond of Drury Lane by Julia Golding

Diamond of Drury Lane cover
Diamond of Drury Lane cover

Cat Royal is an orphan who lives at the back of the famous theatre in Drury Lane.

She mixes with everyone - from the actors to the lords and ladies who go to the theatre to the people who work in the grimy marketplace.

Set in 1790s London, The Diamond of Drury Lane, features a colourful cast of characters, fast-paced action, thrilling special effects and moments of hilarious comedy.

Just in Case by Meg Rosoff

Just In Case cover
Just In Case cover

The day David Case saves his brother's life, his whole world changes. Suddenly, every moment is full of what ifs?

He must hide; become an entirely new person to escape fate... if he can. Will changing his name, befriending an astrophysicist and getting an imaginary pet be enough?

He'll try anything to survive. Just in Case is a daring, powerful and compelling read.

Set in Stone by Linda Newbery

Set in Stone cover
Set in Stone cover

When artist Samuel Godwin accepts the job of tutor to the daughters of wealthy Ernest Farrow, he does not suspect that he's walking into a web of deception.

He is drawn to the lives of Charlotte Agnew, the governess; demure Julianna, the elder daughter; and younger sister, the passionate Marianne.

It is not only the people who entrance Samuel. The house, Fourwinds, is inspiring.

It is not long before Samuel and Charlotte uncover secrets that are both horrifying and dangerous to all...

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