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Last Updated: Monday November 20 2006 12:35 GMT

Will banning junk food adverts stop you eating it?

Burgers and chips

Adverts for junk food are going to be banned during children's programmes, on children's channels and during adult programmes watched by lots of kids.

So will the ban on advertising stop you buying your favourite fast food?

Do you eat unhealthy food like crisps and chocolate because you see adverts for them on TV?

Or do you think that people who like to eat junk food will still eat it anyway?

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Your Comments

I think that banning the adverts is stupid. It's not going to help either because the restaurants are still open so you can still get the food. It is pointless!
Nicole, 13, Nairn

I think that stopping the adverts won't stop us eating junk food!
Maria, 9, London

I think it will cut it down because kids won't see so much about what's happening in fast food restaurants and so won't go there so often.
Lauren, 12, Cardiff

No, it definitely won't stop kids eating junk food> They need to make junk food look ugly and like it doesn't taste nice because that's what healthy food look like!
Tamsyn, 14, Newquay

It will make a huge difference. When I see an advert for chocolate I always want it!
Florence , 14, London

I think you should ban it altogether. Only don't ban it on Fridays!
Charlotte, 11, Melton Mowbray

I don't eat junk food anyway, but it would be nice for other kids not to.
Jonathan, 10, Market Harborough

Well, it could help. I think the free toys and pictures of food do make people want to buy them. And so I think banning the adverts will be a good thing.
Lizzie, 12

I love junk food and I never see any adverts in the streets. But TV adverts do make you feel hungry.
Billy, 11, Yorkshire

I don't really like junk food. But I do think the adverts on TV make the junk food look amazing!
Rachel, 12, Tadworth

It doesn't matter if they ban the adverts, every kid loves junk food!
Tonie, 12, Reading

Cutting the adverts is not going to stop people from eating junk food - it up to themselves.
Casey, 13, London

No, it won't make any difference!
Catherine, 14, Crawley

Yes, I think banning junk food adverts will stop people buying it because they won't be always seeing it. I hate fast food stores anyway.
Alex, 11, Sutton

Just because they're not advertised isn't going to make you forget about them. In Vietnam this isn't really much of an issue, kids here aren't really into junk food because there isn't any!
Rosie, 10, Vietnam

I think banning junk food adverts would stop someone eating junk food as then you would not know what the latest burger deal is and would not want to buy it.
Izzy, 14, Manchester

I don't think that banning junk food adverts will stop people eating it but stopping some of the fast food meal deals might.
Zoe, 14, Leicester

No, because everyone who likes junk food will already know about it so they could still go and buy it anyway!
Matt, 12, Totton

I never eat fast food although I am guilty of eating some other junk food. I don't think banning adverts will stop me from eating it but it should show a better influence to younger kids and hopefully their parents.
Alice, 13, Cornwall

If you really want to eat burgers, chips and sweets then banning adverts on TV is not going to stop you!
Joe, 12, Margate

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