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Last Updated: Wednesday November 15 2006 08:41 GMT

Give rock climbing a try!

Press Packer Jemma
Press Packer Jemma tells us why she thinks everyone should get climbing.

"I have been rock climbing now for six months.

I go every Thursday after school to Wolverhampton Sports Centre, where there's a fantastic climbing area.

Can't fall

You get a harness which is attached to ropes which secures you and holds you in place when you're up a wall - which means that you can't fall, no matter what!

Climbing is a really good way to keep fit and most important of all it's great fun.

Trained expert

You can go climbing with your family or even your friends.

You can go with whoever you like as long as you have someone to hold your rope.

But don't worry, your companion will be trained by an expert.

And even if your friend is smaller than you they'll be given special equipment to hold your weight.

Any size

You may think that you have to be super fit and sporty to take up climbing but you can be any age and any size.

I think that you should give it a try."

Jemma, 10, Birmingham

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