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Last Updated: Tuesday November 14 2006 16:46 GMT

Japan turns away from whale meat


Japanese ships are still hunting for whales, even though people in Japan are eating less and less of the meat, according to wildlife campaigners.

Even though they've agreed not to hunt whales for meat, Japanese ships still kill whales for scientific research, and then sell the meat for food.

The Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society (WDCS) say the hunters are finding it very hard to sell the meat.

The WDCS says Japan will kill 10 fin and 900 minke whales this season.

One of the reasons some people say whaling should be allowed is that it keeps traditions alive.

However, the WDCS say whalers are trying to keep whale meat popular by putting it in things like ice cream and burgers, which are not traditional at all.

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