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Last Updated: Tuesday November 14 2006 11:15 GMT

Climate change is kids' top fear


How we're damaging the environment is more of a worry to you than getting a girl or boyfriend, says a survey.

The results showed three quarters of 11 to 14-year-olds worry about climate change, compared to 41% who are worried about going out with someone.

And it looks like you lot aren't just all talk - 63% turn off the lights when you leave a room, 82% of you recycle, and 75% say we should recycle more.

The survey quizzed 1,554 kids on their views on the environment.

The researchers also asked what kids would make if they could invent a gadget that could help the environment.

Some of the responses were a big machine that sucks in all the pollution and blows it back out as clean air, a bin that separates recycling automatically, and a green robot for every town that picks up litter and recycles it.

The survey is called the RM School Gate Survey.

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