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Last Updated: Monday November 13 2006 16:17 GMT

In pictures: Planet Earth show

Arctic Grey wolf

The hit nature series Planet Earth has returned to BBC One. It shows amazing shots of animals and landscapes. This is an Arctic Grey wolf

Southern Lights

Animals aren't the only stars - this is a spectacular shot of an iceberg at the South Pole. The lights in the sky are the aurora australis, or Southern Lights

Namaqualand flowers

Sometimes it's not the big things that are amazing - like this beautiful field of flowers in Namaqualand

Polar bear

The show gives you a new angle on familiar things - like this polar bear hunting seals...

Polar bear

You can really see how harsh the Arctic is in this aerial shot....

Polar bear

But would you risk swimming this close to one of nature's most dangerous beasts?

Okavango delta in Botswana

This fantastic shot shows the Okavango delta in Botswana...

Indian pygmy hog

While this cute fella is an Indian pygmy hog

Chinstrap penguins

Me first! Chinstrap penguins dive into the Antarctic waters - looks a bit chilly!

African elephants

African elephants wallow in the mud

Elephants and lions

While these elephants get dangerously close to lions

Little auks in Svalbard in the Arctic circle

An astounding view of little auks in Svalbard in the Arctic circle

Ring of bubbles

What could this ring of bubbles be? Amazingly it's how whales hunt for their food...

Humpback whale

Humpback whales release the bubbles to scare krill, shrimp-like creatures, to the surface

Sunflower sea star

And there's lots more to come in the later episodes, like this sunflower sea star in California

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