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Last Updated: Saturday November 11 2006 12:55 GMT

PlayStation 3 sells out in Japan

Japanese gamers get hold of a PlayStation 3

Sony's PlayStation 3 games console has sold out in Japan, with some gamers queuing overnight to get one.

Sony only had 100,000 of the machines ready for the launch, and all of them were snapped up in hours.

One fan, Tomohiro Shimokawa, said: "I'm very excited at this moment. I didn't sleep at all so I read magazines and talked with other people."

Gamers in the UK won't be able to buy a PlayStation 3 until the European launch in March 2007.

The PS3 is the second of three new consoles that together have been called the next generation of gaming.

Sony console launches
Japanese gamers get hold of a PlayStation 3
1994 - PlayStation
2000 - PlayStation 2
2004 - PlayStation Portable (PSP)
2006 - PlayStation 3
Microsoft's Xbox 360 went on sale before Christmas 2005, while Nintendo's Wii machine goes on sale in the UK on 8 December.

One of the reasons there weren't enough consoles in Japan were because of a new type of DVD drive inside the machines.

It's called Blu-Ray and will let people who make games fit loads more information on the discs. Some people even think games will look like films.

Games consoles and gaming are now worth $30 billion (15.7 bn) around the world each year.

So far more than 100 million PlayStation 2 consoles have been sold around the world since it was launched in November 2000.

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