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Last Updated: Friday November 10 2006 07:44 GMT

Orang-utans escape forest fires

An orangutan in Indonesia

Around 40 orang-utans have escaped forest fires in Borneo that have killed around a 1,000 of the apes.

The apes being looked after at a sanctuary in Indonesia after fires forced them from their homes.

But the fires were started on purpose by farmers and people hoping to build things on the land after the trees have been burnt down.

Fewer than 60,000 orang-utans are now left in the world, because the places they like to live are being destroyed.

Orang utan
And even if the orang-utans get away from the fires they are still in danger, because the farmers beat them if they start munching on their crops.

Experts are worried that if people keep destroying the forests at the speed they are at the moment, there will be no orang-utans at all in 10 years.

Once the apes are at the centre they are looked after until they can be taken to live safely in new homes.

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