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Last Updated: Thursday November 09 2006 16:16 GMT

Quiz: Parrots


Question 1

How many species of parrot are there?

A: About 150
B: About 250
C: About 350

Question 2

Which of these is not a grouping of parrot?

A: Cockatoos
B: Trucks
C: Lories

Question 3

The Hyacinth Macaw is the world's biggest parrot. How long can it grow?

A: 90 cm
B: 100 cm
C: 110 cm

Question 4

How long do parrots live on average in the wild?

A: 10 years
B: 50 years
C: 80 years

Question 5

What is the latin name for parrots?

A: Psittaciformes
B: Tracheae
C: Zygotes

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