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Last Updated: Thursday November 09 2006 15:15 GMT

Quiz: Lizards


Question 1

Which of these is NOT a proper lizard?

A: Zebra-tailed lizard
B: Green tree monitor lizard
C: Elephant-leg lizard

Question 2

What's the name of the lizard which can change its colour to match its surroundings?

A: Chamois
B: Chameleon
C: Camouflageon

Question 3

What makes lizards different from snakes?

A: Lizards have ears
B: Lizards have lots of hair
C: Lizards have two brains

Question 4

Which of these is the largest living lizard, growing to an average length of 2-3m and weighing about 70kg?

A: Komodo dragon
B: Blue-tailed skink
C: Gila monster

Question 5

How long does an iguana generally live for?

A: 10 years
B: 15 years
C: 20 years

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