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Last Updated: Thursday November 09 2006 12:31 GMT

Emergency rescue for pet lizard

Rex the pet iguana who was rescued after going up a tree in Swansea

Rex the runaway reptile sparked a rescue operation after the pet lizard got stuck up a tree in freezing weather near his owner's home in Swansea.

The iguana wriggled free of his leash during a walk in the front garden - and ran up a neighbour's tree!

The lizards usually live in heated homes and there were fears for Rex's health as it became chillier.

Firefighters rescued him safely and revived him in a warm bath to help him recover from the cold.

Owner Debbie Davies said she had taken Rex out to collect dandelion leaves from the front garden, which he loves to eat.

Iguana facts
A black spiny-tailed iguana
They can grow to 1.85m long
They are vegetarians
Iguanas can live for 20 years

She said: "It was still light when he got away but because of his colour he was perfectly camouflaged in the dense tree.

"I knew where he was - I just couldn't see him, and as it got colder I became panic stricken. I knew the temperature had gone down."

Rex is now recovering in his heated vivarium (a special cage), where he has his own special heat light and a sleeping area with a heated mat!