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Last Updated: Thursday November 09 2006 18:45 GMT

Thousands mark world record day

Record-breaking car roll in Casino Royale

From the biggest tea party to a massive smooch, people all over the globe are trying to make or break records to mark Guinness World Records Day.

Thousands of people are expected to take part in the second annual day.

The attempts include the largest number of people kissing at the same time in Paris, the largest tea party, and a US man holding rattlesnakes in his mouth!

And James Bond film-makers are being awarded the record for the most car rolls, broken during the new 007 film.

The record breaking movie feat was performed during filming of Casino Royale when Bond's stunt double Adam Kirley rolled an Aston Martin car seven times!

Other records that are being attempted include the longest zorbing distance - rolling down a hill in a blow-up ball - in New Zealand and the longest chain of bras in South Africa.

Chilly swim

Wacky record attempts include the largest rubber band ball, the largest Chinese whisper, the largest chopsticks and smashing the largest number of concrete blocks with a karate chop!

And in London's Trafalgar Square, synchronised swimmers are braving the November chill when two sets of twins compete against each other for the highest number of a certain leg movement in one minute.

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