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Last Updated: Monday November 06 2006 18:30 GMT

Expert tips on beating the bullies

Kidscape expert Nikki Kerr

Seven in every 10 kids in the UK are bullied, according to a survey of more than 8,000 kids.

Newsround chatted to Nikki Kerr from charity Kidscape to get some tips on how to beat the bullies.

A survey says seven out of 10 kids are bullied, do you think that's accurate?

It's higher than we thought at Kidscape, based on the number of calls we get, but we're not surprised by it.

We thought it was nearer six in 10, but we haven't done a survey for a while.

Is long-term bullying a problem?

It goes on more than we'd like.

Some parents ring us and tell us that they have 11-year-old children who have been bullied since they started school.

What can someone who is being bullied do about it?

The best thing is to tell someone. A lot of the time kids are too scared to tell anyone. They're frightened the bullies will target them if they tell.

Bullies often say "if you tell anyone it'll get worse" but the problem won't get better until you tell someone.

Who should they tell?

It's important to talk to an adult they trust, although that doesn't have to mean a parent.

They could speak to a grandparent, a teacher or even a dinner lady.

Every school should have a system in place where you can go to another member of staff who isn't your teacher.

What should you do if a friend is being bullied?

It's important to tell a teacher if you see someone who is being bullied.

Bullies often pick on someone who doesn't look like they have many friends and the victim may be too scared to speak out.

You don't have to be scared, so by saying something you could help them.

What if a teacher has been told and it's not helping?

There are other people who can help. Places like ChildLine and Kidscape can offer help and advice. Make sure you talk to an adult.

Your parents can also go to school governors and even your local MP.

Every school must have an anti-bullying policy. It's been the law since 1999.

If your school has a policy find out about it. If you don't know about it or there isn't one, why not talk to your teacher about creating one together?

What if bullies say it's my fault I'm being bullied?

If you're being bullied it's not your fault. Bullies tell people they're useless and no use, but they're wrong.

Being different is cool. If everyone was the same the world would be really boring.

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