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Last Updated: Friday November 03 2006 15:25 GMT

Helping protect hedgehogs

Holly and a hedgehog

Press Packer Holly checked out Hallswood Wildlife Reserve to see how they're helping save hedgehogs this winter.

"It's been a really long, hot summer this year.

While it might have been good for us, it has spelt trouble for hedgehogs.

Because of the heat, baby hedgehogs were born much later this year.

That means they haven't had time to fatten up enough for winter.

Hedgehogs hibernate, which means they sleep through the winter. But they need a lot of fat to keep them going.

Kept warm

I visited Hallswood Wildlife Reserve, where staff are taking the babies indoors to keep them warm.

That means they won't hibernate, so they can be fed and kept healthy this winter.

You can help hedgehogs by looking out for them in bonfires before you light them.

If you find a baby hedgehog, you should try not to handle it.

But you can keep it warm using a hot water bottle and some newspaper.

The best thing to do is take it to a vet or your local wildlife reserve.

With all this help, hedgehogs can look forward to a nice cosy winter!"

Holly, 12, Norfolk

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