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Last Updated: Monday October 13 2008 15:55 GMT

Top tips from a money saving expert

Money saving expert Martin Lewis

Money is always a hot topic, from how much pocket money kids get to how quickly you spend it when you get it.

So when you do get hold of some cash, how can you make the most of it?

Check out these top tips from money saving expert Martin Lewis.

  • Try BEFORE you buy. If you want a book, computer game, CD or DVD go to a library or video shop to try it out first. You may find you didn't like it as much as you thought you would and you might not buy it, which will save your cash for something else!
  • When you want something, decide if you REALLY, REALLY want it. While a big expensive 50 toy may be exciting, you might enjoy 10 5 toys more. Ask yourself which you think you'd enjoy most?
  • There are lots of kids' bank accounts around. If you put money in an account the bank will pay you something called interest, which means they pay you for looking after your money. ALWAYS find the bank with the best interest rate. 100 in bank now could be worth 160 by the time you're 18.
  • When you go into a supermarket there are always sweets by the tills, just in case you've forgotten to ask your parents for some already! Whenever you go into a shop always remember they are trying to get you SPEND AS MUCH MONEY AS POSSIBLE with them. Choose wisely!