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Last Updated: Thursday November 02 2006 13:58 GMT

Kids learn how to keep their cash


If you find you're spending your money as soon as you get it, an answer to your cash problems could be here.

A scheme is trying to teach children more about money so they don't get into problems with it when they get older.

Many adults in the UK borrow money to buy things they can't afford at the time - it's called debt. Then sometimes they can't pay the cash back.

Kids at one primary school near Norwich have been growing and selling their own fruit and veg to help them learn.

Elly explained: "We started in the middle of the season so we didn't have enough time to plant a lot of the stuff, so had to buy a lot of the food.

"But we've made money which we're all proud about. We'd like to start growing some stuff soon."

Value money more

Ed said: "I now value money a lot more than I used to. If I have several offers I'll compare them to work out which one is the best offer for me."

And Jacob agreed: "When people do something like this they will definitely value money more and probably won't get into debt."

The primary school has made more than 100 from selling their food and now they've got to decide what to do with it.

Josh said: "We might split it between the class, or we might go bowling."

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