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Last Updated: Thursday November 02 2006 08:51 GMT

I met my fave author - in a limo!

Jonathan Stroud with Press Packer Chris

Chris won our Press Pack competition to meet the creator of the Bartimaeus Trilogy - Jonathan Stroud.

They spent the day riding around London in a posh limousine!

"It was brilliant spending the day with Jonathan.

I was quite nervous at first but he's a really nice guy, and really tall too!

For real

We were driven around lots of London sites that are mentioned in his books.

It was great because when you're reading them you have to just imagine the places, but we were seeing them for real.

Feeling famous
Inside the limo!
Inside the limo!

It was quite funny riding in the limo - lots of people were looking in and waving, wondering who we were!

There were things to eat and drink, balloons, flashing lights and even a TV!

Shopping list

Jonathan told me that he has just sold the rights of the Bartimaeus Trilogy so that the books can be made into a film - and I just can't wait!

He even showed me his notebook with his first ever ideas about the Trilogy - it was funny because on the other side of the page was an old shopping list!

Tea and cake

My best bit was definitely visiting the British Museum as we both got really excited, running around and spotting things that were in the books.

Chris tries out the cakes at Fortnum and Mason
Time for afternoon tea!
We finished the day off with tea and cake at Fortnum and Mason - a posh London shop, which is where the characters go in the books.

Once in a lifetime

Jonathan signed my books for me and we all had cucumber sandwiches.

I had a great time meeting Jonathan, especially riding around in a limousine like a celeb - it was definitely a once in a lifetime experience!"

Chris, 13, Oxford

The last book of the Bartimaeus Trilogy, Ptolemy's Gate, is out now.

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