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Last Updated: Friday November 03 2006 08:31 GMT

Getting a kick out of karate

Press Packer Vicky
Press Packer Vicky loves karate and here she tells us about her training.

"I love karate.

It's really good for self- defence, so if I needed to, I think I could protect myself.


It's very energetic, and my Sensei (Japanese word for teacher) works us really hard.

A typical warm-up involves running to one wall, doing 10 press-ups, running to another wall to do 10 sit-ups, and the same, all the way down to one press-up.

Blue belt

Three times a year we do a grading, so if we do well enough we can go up to the next belt.

Currently, I am on a green belt, one stripe, and in the next grading I will be aiming for a blue belt.

To pass a grading we have to show skill in all the basics, Katas (which are sequences you have to learn - they also cover basics, and speed), sparring (fighting) and karate spirit.

Not weird

I go twice a week at my local community centre, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Some people think it's a weird sport, but it's not weird, it's different, and I love it!"

Vicky, 13, Hampshire

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