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Last Updated: Sunday October 29 2006 16:32 GMT

New mystery meteor 'killed dinos'


The meteor that is blamed for wiping out the dinosaurs didn't make them extinct, according to a scientist.

Dr Gerta Keller reckons that another meteor hit the Earth half a million years later and killed off the beasts.

It's widely thought that a meteor which landed off the coast of Mexico 65 million years ago caused climate change that the dinos couldn't cope with.

Dr Keller reckons this meteor didn't help the creatures, but says the second one finished them off.

She says the mystery meteor might have landed in India and that it could have made a huge hole 310 miles wide.

But, at the moment, there is little proof of it.

Dr Keller, from Princeton University in America, thinks that the first meteor and a series of volcanic eruptions kickstarted the climate change and the second meteor made it worse and finally killed off the dinos.

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