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Last Updated: Thursday October 26 2006 09:48 GMT

Make a birthday card

Text level

Wayne in training


Footballer Wayne Rooney has celebrated his 21st birthday.

But what would you buy one of the richest sportsmen in the country?

This lesson enables children to design a birthday card and celebratory poem for a famous person.

Learning aims
  • Design a card and create a greeting and a birthday poem.

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Football, AP

Show a selection of birthday cards and look at three areas - the words and pictures on the front, the greeting inside and the manufacturer's details on the reverse.

Display a piece of paper which has been folded into three sections. Use this to model a plan for the card.

The first third should contain a sketch of the card's main picture and a simple birthday greeting. The middle section should contain a rough version of a birthday poem.

The final section has the child's name on it - as the manufacturer - and additional fictional details such as where it was made, who distributes it, the company's name etc. Also include the price.

Main activity

Children plan their card using the above model.

Later, give children a piece of A4 card to start creating.

Encourage them to add detail like borders and colours.

Extension activities

Write a shopping list of food and other items needed for a party.

Choose a famous person and draw and label 10 things they could receive as a birthday present.


Look at how to lay out an address on an envelope. Later, children can find an address for their famous person and send them their card at the appropriate time.

Teachers' background

Queen Elizabeth
The Queen turned 80 on 21 April 2006 and celebrated her official birthday on 17 June 2006
More than 2,000 children were invited to Buckingham Palace to celebrate her birthday
Her Majesty received almost 40,000 birthday messages from members of the public

  • Wayne Rooney began playing for Manchester United in 2004.

  • He scored a hat-trick during his first appearance a Man U's Old Trafford ground.

  • By the end of the 2004/05 campaign he'd scored 17 goals in 43 appearances.

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