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Last Updated: Wednesday November 01 2006 12:27 GMT

Tell us your amazing medical stories


Doctors in the UK have been given permission to carry out the world's first complete face transplant.

The operation could help people who've been badly hurt in a fire or an accident.

A French woman has already had part of her face replaced after she was attacked by her dog.

We want to know if you have any amazing medical tales of your own?

Perhaps you have been hurt or ill and needed to have lots of operations?

Or do you know someone who has had parts of their body fixed by amazing doctors?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

I have not been in hospital with anything serious but my sister nearly died when she was little with meningitis. Now she's happy and healthy and my mum raises money for the hospitals.
Alpha, 12, Maryport

I was born with a hole in my heart and had to have heart surgery when I was five. At first people treated me different but everything went back to normal after I did a 10 mile walk with my mum.
Casey, 12, Kirkby

My sister has a hole in her heart. she was really ill when she was born and has had two operations, she is only seven. She has to go to hospital all the time and she has just had a cardiac catheter up to her heart. Get well soon Cissy!
Melissa, 12

I had a lump on my hip, and I had to have three operations to get it out!
Jack, 7, Newcastle

I have Osgood-Schlatter's disease and it is like a lump at the top of my tibia. It affects my sports, so I'm not allowed to jump, run or repetitively kick.
Adele, 12, Preston

When I was four I dislocated my jaw by running into a coffee table. I had it fixed in A&E but now I still have a bump on my jaw from where I dislocated it!
Lydia, 14, Essex

I cut my hand really bad. I'll never get the feeling back in my fourth finger.
Minimindi, 13, London

I've had three major eye operations on both my eyes.
Ems, 11, Pool

I have broken my wrist two times already and fractured it once!! Also I have fainted twice in Majorca because it was over 40 degrees!
Emily, 10, Richmond

Last week I had an ear operation. I have always had infections, and three years ago I had grommets put in. They found one of my grommets inside my ear drum and my ear has been bleeding.
Ella, 11, Brighton

I had cancer when I was five and I had a 12 hour operation to remove it. Now, I feel fine and I just go for regular check ups.
Anna, 12, London

When I was little I had problems with eating and I used to faint. The doctors told me it's because I don't eat enough, but I' m older now and I eat everything! Hopefully I will get stronger.
Henna, 11, Slough

My brother has meningitis and I feel so sorry for him.
Hannah, 12, Doncaster

My best friend has crohn's disease and she has had 13 operations on her back because she has an abcess. There is no cure for crohn's disease, so she is stuck with it for life.
Mary, 13, Bradford

When I was two, I had a pea shaped growth below my nose, and I had to have my mouth slit open! There's a little scar but no body really notices!
Jaide, 12, Newcastle

My Mum had an operation to take out a blood clot from her brain. She was really sick and we are lucky that she is alive. I think she is really brave because a month ago she had my baby brother and still isn't recovered totally from the first operation!
Jens, 12, Hull

My nan had a heart attack two years ago and needed a valve replaced in her heart. I was worried and spent a lot of time in the hospital with her.
Sarah, 14, Ellon

I had an eye problem and a stomach bug which I had to go to hospital for. I went something like 20 times in three months as I was in lots of pain.
Vicki, 12, Cambridge

When I was little I had fits every three months! A fit is like when you go stiff and your brain feels like it switched off. Lucky now that I'm older, my body is stronger and I haven't had a fit in two years.
Sam, 11, Norwich

I've just recovered from cancer and I am so pleased the doctors could help me. Hopefully it won't come back.
Sarah, 11, Newcastle

I have a problem with fainting, I'm always doing it and the doctors don't seem to know why? I don't mind though as I've got used to it!
Niamh, 12, Glasgow

My grandad had a heart transplant last year so, I know how worrying it can be for families, but he is fine now. I'm in favour for more transplants.
Eleanor, 11, Ireland

When I was six, I found a spot on my back. I thought it was normal until last year when it grew. I went to the hospital and the doctor told me I had to have an operation or else it could get infected and make me very very very ill. I was so scared that I could not go through with it, but now that I've got more courage, I am going to have it removed.
Fiona, 12, Bangor

When I was very little I had a really bad fit and had to be rushed to hospital I very nearly died and I was in hospital for ages!
Joanna, 11, Swansea

I split my head open on concrete whilst playing a game at school and had to have stitches that will stay forever.
Willow, 8, Bridport

When I was six I had my appendix out, and luckily came out on my seven birthday!
Maddy, 10, Martockr

My half brother was born with less than half a heart and no bottom. He had to go toilet through his stomach. He has brain problems and he is 6 years old now. I was told he will not live past the age of 11. I hope he survives.
Hattie, 12, Godstone

I was born with a heart condition and when I was 14, I went into Leeds hospital for my operation. I was out in 10 days and had three months off school. I now only need one check up a year.
Peter, Doncaster

I have had about two operations in my life so far. The first one was when I was only 6 months old. I was born with 4/5 bones in my skull and had to have that sorted. Then about 3 years ago, I had another operation to remove extra bones in my wrist and both of my legs. I still have 3 in two fingers but they can't remove them. Also my friend has had to go through a lot of operatio0ns. Some have been amazing!
Helen, Solihull

I've had C.F.S (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) since I finished year 5. I've had to take lots of time off school, but am 97% recovered and not ready to give up yet!
JC, 13, Hove

I had a telescope down my throat because I had stomach problems.
Rani, 12, Birkby

I died in the back of an ambulance when I was only a couple of months old. I had a fit but I am fighting fit now
Katrina, 13, Manchester

I have voice problems and I spent a year and a half in hospital since birth and I still go to help me get better
Charlotte, 9, Blackpool

I had cancer when I was five and again when I was seven. I am better now but I still have to go for check-ups.
Victoria, 10, Swansea

I had a lung removed last year. It doesn't affect my life, but I still miss it!
Kiran, 12, Birmingham

When I was born I had a hole in my heart. I had an operation for it and now I'm better, but I still have to go for check-ups. I also have a big scar on my chest.
Ivy, 13, Oxford

When my sister was five, she was bitten by a dog around her eye. She was very lucky not to have lost her sight. Thanks to the doctors at the hospital, she was alright and still has perfect sight, nearly eight years on.
Emily, 12, Newcastle

My sister had a heart transplant last year and she had to stay in hospital for a long time, but she is now feeling better.
Tori, 10, York

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