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Last Updated: Wednesday October 25 2006 06:08 GMT

Kids battle to save water voles

Kids protesting to save the voles

Children at a school in Yorkshire are fighting to bring back water voles that were moved to make way for buildings.

The voles were moved all the way from the town of Goole to Devon to make way for the new buildings and kids there have been fighting to bring them home.

Pupils at Parkside School wrote letters to the building company and to their local MP and it seems to have worked.

The company that owns the land where the voles live has told Newsround that they will be returned.

Water vole facts
A water vole
Live in the banks of ditches, dykes, slow moving rivers and streams and grasslands
Live for two years
Male voles can swim for 130m, females for 70m
They are 12-20cm long and weigh 20g-320g
Are hunted by American minks, stoats, owls, herons, large fish, foxes and cats

Keisha, 10, said: "I'm worried the water voles will be extinct in Goole because if they move to Devon they might die because they won't know their way round."

Her classmate Eleanor, 10, said: "I think they might be able to make a building and keep the water voles because it's a really big space, so they have a lot of room to make a building and keep the voles there."

Water voles are one of the most threatened animals living in Britain's rivers.

The animal is at risk because the places where they like to live are being destroyed and other animals like the American mink are hunting them.