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Last Updated: Tuesday October 24 2006 15:44 GMT

Junior Wardens day two: Graffiti

Abie scrubs graffiti down

Press Packer Abie is using her week off this half term to help other people.

In the Junior Wardens scheme, kids get to clean up the community as well as having fun.

On her second day, she tells us about getting rid of graffiti.

"Today I've been helping to clean writing off the streets in my town.

We spent an hour and a half scrubbing graffiti from the walls and lamp posts along a couple of roads near a park.

It looked a mess before we started.

We had to wear gloves to get the stuff off the walls because we were using special graffiti wipes.

Horrible smell

They're not good for your skin, and smell really horrible!

I felt really good when we'd finished, and the street looked really nice.

I got rid of lots of graffiti, and picked up a lot of litter too.

If I saw someone dropping litter or writing on walls, I'd tell them to stop because it makes the place look bad.

But helping clean up makes my mum really proud, and I feel good about that.

And I've made lots of new friends in Junior Wardens, so even though it's hard work, it's really good fun!

Check the website tomorrow for my next report."

Abie, 9, Doncaster

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