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Last Updated: Monday October 30 2006 16:05 GMT

What would you give Rooney for his 21st?


It's Wayne Rooney's 21st birthday!

The England star has a huge birthday bash planned, with plenty of celebs expected to attend.

Wayne's had a pretty incredible football career for someone so young.

We want to know what you'd get Roo as a birthday gift.

Perhaps you'd get him something to help him with his game?

Or maybe you think he'd be sick of footie and you'd get him something less sporty?

What present would YOU get for a footballer who can afford almost anything?

E-mail and let us know!

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Your comments

A gadget, so that every time he uses foul language on the pitch he gets an electric shock!
Amy, 11, Bookham

I would give him a stress ball, so he could take his anger out on the stress ball.
Joe, 13, Reading

I would give him a computer game.
Jack, 9, Ryton

I'd give him vouchers to anger management lessons as I think he really needs them!
Charli, 12, Leicester

I would buy him an acre of land so he could practice his football skills!
Zen, 10, Stockport

I would give him a football trophy and a card.
Amy, 10, Nottingham

I would give him a big hug and a kiss because he is my favourite footballer!
Matt, 9, Shifnal

I would give Rooney a birthday cake and some new trainers!
Daisy, 11, London

Rooney is my biggest fan, so I would buy every thing he wants!
Abdul, 9, Stoke

Nothing really, with all the money he earns he doesn't need presents.
Michael, 12, Birmingham

I would give him an Arsenal shirt just to wind him up!
Michael, 12, London

A book on how to control anger management problems and some tips on how not to look like Shrek!
Katharine, 11, Edinburgh

He doesn't need anything because he's got lots of money!
Lauren, 10, Chelmsford

I would give hem a new t-shirt & a football.
Stephanie, 8, Lewes

I think he should be given a bath and a shaving razor. He really, REALLY needs it.
Katie, 11, Congleton

I think Wayne Rooney does not deserve any presents because he is rich and he isn't very good at football.
Yinka, 8, Reading

Nothing, he has enough money as it is.
Eve, 11, Normanton

I would give him a collage of pictures from his football career and an album of pictures of his family.
Isabel, 13, Brighton

A pair of good football boots, he doesn't seem to score any more.
Billy, 12, Strabane

I'd get Rooney a stress ball. He can take his stress out on it when he's been subbed or red carded.
Benjamin, 11, Tavistock

I would give him nothing, he is spoilt already.
Shannah, 10, Nottingham

I would get him a statue of the three lions - and a shaver! He looks weird with a beard.
Joseph, 14, London

I would give him a non-violent toy, so when he gets angry the toy would tell him to be good.
Nana, 9, London

I would give him nothing. He has so much money he doesn't need anything else.
Jason, 10, Sheffield

I'd get him a golden football medallion. He could wear it to impress people. Plus, it's a good present for a footballer.
Isabella, 10, Essex

I would buy him a Ferrari Enzo car. I think he'd like a car and he could drive it around and show the other footballers.
Oscar, 8, Billericay

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