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Last Updated: Thursday October 26 2006 12:40 GMT

NR viewers prove kids are smart

A map of the world

Britain's kids are smarter than experts thought, as a Newsround test found you're pretty good at geography.

A survey said that one in five kids couldn't point out the UK on a map of the world, so we decided to put you to the test on TV.

And a live text test which some 3,700 people took part in found that nearly 90% of you could point out Britain,

In the original test, fewer than six out of 10 children didn't know where America was on the globe.

However, eight out of 10 knew where Iraq was.

One in 10 young people couldn't name a continent, but Scottish kids earned top marks for being able to identify the most countries on a world map.

The same study also looked at the environment, and found that almost nine out of 10 kids say they recycle as much as they can.

A map of the world

One geography expert said he thought the results of the study were "rather frightening".

TV presenter David Bellamy, who has made loads of programmes about the environment said: "Making geography fun and exciting is so important because it makes children aware of the importance of caring for the environment and, by learning about the world, it helps bring other people's worlds and cultures closer to their own."

The survey was organised to make people aware of a new magazine for kids about the environment that is published on Wednesday, called National Geographic Kids.

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Your comments

I can name loads of countries and I know loads of capital cities too. It is sort of weird that British kids didn't know where their country was on a map.
Lauren, 10, Isle of Lewis

We're not so bad that we can't find the UK on a map!
Owen, 10, Taunton

Not to find the USA on a map is silly!
Anna, 9, Scotland

I had a friend who thought Scotland was part of Europe!!! It's insulting how many people don't know the world we live in.
Sam, 12, Wells-Next-The-Sea

I know all the countries and I know loads of countries' capital cities. It is sort of weird of British kids didn't know where their country is on a map.
Lauren, 10, Isle of Lewis

I don't know why kids can't find the U.K on a map. I think it's incredibly strange.
James, 10, Northampton

I have a friend who thought that Denmark was part of England?!
Honey, 13, London

I think children should be able to do that and schools should teach them more. I know where all of the continents on the map are and where I live. Knowing where countries are is nearly as important as knowing all your time tables.
Rhian, 13, Lampeter

I can name at least 50 countries on a map. I think people are just not bothered to find out where they live.
Nikki, 12, Northampton

If you want an expert on where every country is, you can ask me!
Carla, 11, Newcastle

I can find my fave countries easily but countries that I'm not interested in just don't seem to register in my head!
Andrew, 13, Newcastle

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