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Last Updated: Tuesday October 24 2006 11:28 GMT

Will you miss F1's Michael Schumacher?

Michael Schumacher racing

Michael Schumacher has driven his last race in the Grand Prix after dominating the sport for 15 years.

The seven-time champion has retired after a race which saw the title won by Fernando Alonso for the second year running.

Will you miss Schumi now he's gone?

Or are you backing young drivers like Alonso already?

E-mail us and let us know!

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Your comments

I'll miss him because he's the best and it won't be the same without him.

Zoe, 12, Trowbridge

I don't want Michael to go, he has been my family's favourite F1 driver ever. He never gives up that's the reason he has won the championship seven times.

Daniela, 7, Nottingham

I'm not much of a Grand Prix fan but I like watching it now and then. I am quite sad that Schumacher is going as it won't be the same without him.

Lauren, 10, Isle of Lewis

I will certainly miss him because he is a superb driver. But on the other he needs time off with his family. So I wish him luck!

Angela,12, Stanmore

He was brilliant and I didn't want him to leave.

Jamie, 7, Skipton

I don't really care about F1 racing, but I hope Michael Schumacher wins anyway as it's his last race.

Emma, 13, Cheshire

Well, it would be a great send off!

Ashley,13, Ashford

I think he deserves to win the championship for the 8th time

Vez, 11, Tonbridge

I hope Schumacher wins today and wins the championship. I know the chance is slim but it would make a cracking race.

Jess, 13, Norwich

I am not really into racing, so I am afraid I won't be watching. But I do know Schumacher and don't really want him to leave.

Katy, 11, Ipswich

Come on Schumacher!

Adam, 7, Hayes

I want Schumacher to win because it is his last season, I have been a F1 fan since I was 3 when I visited Monaco.

Hamish, 9, Inverness

Michael Schumacher is the best so he should win easily against EVERYONE!

Jack, 10, Stoke-on-Trent

When Michael Schumacher retires after the last race in seven years I'm going to be a race driver.

Alex, 11, Plymouth

Go on Schumacher who ever takes over your job, they won't be as good as you!!!!

Harry, 8, London

Go on Schumacher who ever takes over your job, they won't be as good as you!!!!

Harry, 8, London

F1 will not be the same without Schumacher, even though I am only seven I have been to two Grand Prix races, my first was when I was three. I think he is a winner and tries very hard to be the best driver. I am not sure who will be my favourite driver from now on. I hope he wins today.

Tom, 7, Liverpool

M. Schumacher is the second best driver ever, and he also has the most bans. I won't miss him.

Freddy, 12, Aldershot

Good luck. I'm bit sad that Michael is retiring and he is the best.

Catherine, 14

I think that Schumacher deserves to win this race and the world title. Good luck.

David, 12, Bournemouth

Good luck Schumacher! But I don't mind if Alonso wins either!

Natalie, 8, Cheedle