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Last Updated: Saturday October 21 2006 13:30 GMT

Snoring horse is cured with op

Rocky the horse
A horse that snored so loudly he could be heard two fields away has been cured by a special life-saving operation.

Rocky was giving his stable mates sleepless nights for months with his foghorn-like snoring.

No-one could understand why he snored until vets discovered a massive blockage up his nose, called a cyst, which they removed in an operation.

It's thought the cyst could have been life-threatening. The 12-year-old is now recovering from the op.

Rocky's owner, Eileen Gillen, runs a horse rescue centre. She said she first noticed Rocky had a problem when his nose started running and wouldn't stop.

She said: "The longer it went on, the louder his snoring got until it was really loud, like a foghorn.

"It was even happening when he was awake."

Peaceful now

A horse
Nothing helped the noisy horse so Miss Gillen eventually called in the Royal School of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh.

X-rays and scans revealed the problem in his nose and vets decided to operate on him.

Miss Gillen said: "He is now making a slow but sure recovery and the staff and animals at the centre are getting a much more peaceful night's sleep."

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