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Last Updated: Thursday October 19 2006 11:04 GMT

Quiz: Hippos

A baby hippopotamus

Question 1

The word hippopotamus is Greek but what does it mean?

A: Sea elephant
B: River horse
C: Water buffalo

Question 2

In which kind of habitat do hippos live?

A: On land or in the water
B: Only in the water
C: Only on land

Question 3

Which continent is home to most of the world's hippos?

A: Europe
B: Asia
C: Africa

Question 4

Hippos are huge but how heavy can they get?

A: 5 tonnes
B: 3 tonnes
C: 1 tonne

Question 5

Hippos love the river but what can't they do in there?

A: Swim
B: Float
C: Breathe

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