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Last Updated: Monday October 23 2006 08:00 GMT

Should whale hunting be allowed?

A whale

Iceland has announced that it is going to start hunting whales for their meat for the first time in 20 years.

The country doesn't want to obey an international ban on whaling for food, because it says the animal is no longer endangered. Iceland already hunts whales for "scientific research".

We'd like to know what you think about whale-hunting?

Do you think whaling should be allowed, just like we hunt other animals?

Or do you think whales are special creatures that should be left alone?

Maybe you don't agree with hunting animals at all?

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Your comments

No, whales are beautiful animals and we should fight for their right to swim free!
Laura, 11, Stargate

Whale-hunting is horrible and cruel. I don't think that it should be allowed.
Rhian, 13, Lampeter

No way! People are making excuses for killing wildlife. They are going to end up extinct one day.
Jade, 11, Tunbridge Wells

I think it is extremely cruel and the ban should stay. I don't know how people can do such a horrible thing.
Tanith, 12, Heathfield

I think whaling should not be allowed because they are special creatures.
Liam, 7, Blackpool

I think whales should not be hunted because they have the right to live freely.
Alex, 12, Hull

I think whale hunting should be banned because we all have a right to live, so all animals have a right to live. I don't think any animals should be hunted or killed unless they might have a disease like Bird Flu.
Olivia, 12, Newton

Whales are beautiful creatures, they should be aloud to swim freely.
Jessica, 10, Swindon

I don't think whale-hunting should be allowed. I think they are really nice creatures and are not doing us any harm.
Hanan, 11, Oxford

I think whaling should be banned because they are living creatures and will become endangered if the hunting continues.
Michael, 10, Hereford

I think it's alright to hunt a bit but a lot is overdoing it.
Tracy, 11, London

I think whale hunting should not be allowed. It's not fair if we hunt them when they don't do anything wrong to us.
Sara, 9, Barnet

I think whale hunting should be banned. How would we like it if loads of whales went around killing us for food?!
Rosie, 9, Stafford

I think whale hunting should be banned because if they are all killed they'll become extinct and be like dinosaurs and we will never get to see them again.
Olivia, 11, Nantwich

I am shocked that Iceland would even think about lifting the ban because whales are endangered.
Chris, 12, Perthshire

No whale hunting! Whales have the right to live as much as we do!
Ellie, 9, Chesterfield

I think whale hunting is really cruel and should be illegal everywhere.
Erica, 12, Manchester

I think it is only ok as long as they only hunt a minimum number of whales a year.
Matilda, 10, Henley

No it shouldn't be allowed. Killing any animal is cruel but especially whales because they are so beautiful and near extinction. That just makes it even worse!
Alice, 14, Worcester

Whales are endangered animals so NO!
Firaaz, 11, Edinburgh

I think whales are beautiful creatures. That's why I chose them for my class animal project. So, no they should definitely not be hunted.
Amy, 8, Lisburn

I am a member of the WDCS (Whale and Dolphin Conservation Society) and I think Iceland is so cruel. If we keep hunting Whales, they will be going extinct sooner then we think.
Abbie, 13, Dunstable

I think it's cruel to hunt animals even for scientific research. They're living creatures just like us, but they can't stand up for themselves or stop humans hunting them.
Siobhan, 11, Leeds

I think it's not fair to make a rule just to break it in few years time.
Izzie, 9, Otton

I think whaling is cruel. They're already in danger of becoming extinct.
Samantha, 9, Farnborough

Whaling is horrible and should be banned for ever. It is cruel to hunt animals even if it is for food. They're living, breathing creatures just like you and me.
Samantha, 13, Colchester

No, I think it's cruel to hunt whales especially because they are endangered animals.
Lucienne, 8, Oxford

I think that hunting whales should be allowed but only if they make sure that not too many of them are hunted at once.
Mollie, 12, Surrey

This is so cruel. I hate the people who hunt whales.
Dean, 11, Brighton

Of course not! They're living creatures and help our seas. If we let whale hunting start again then they'll become extinct before we know it.
Robyn, 12, Northampton

What right do we have to stop others from doing this? I agree that whales are nice and it's cruel to hunt them, but isn't killing cows too?
Pamela, 12, London

I think whale hunting is okay only when you need it for survival, but when you don't need it or give it a long, slow death, then I think it's horrible.
Harriet, 13, Sheffield

I think whale hunting should be banned. Whales are rare and if more countries start hunting them they could become extinct.
Carolyn, 10, Bishopton

Whale hunting is cruel and barbaric. We don't even NEED to hunt whales, it is just a sick sport.
Ciara, 12, Carlingford

No! Whales are already in danger.
Molly, 12, USA

Well I think it should be banned because they might become extinct if we don't do anything about it.
Alek, 13, Guildford

I think whaling shouldn't be allowed because they don't harm us so, why can't people just leave them alone!
Issy, 11, Cheshire

I believe that whaling should be controlled but not banned. It is a way of life for some people, just like we eat other meat.
Rebecca, 11, Cardiff

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