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Last Updated: Tuesday October 17 2006 15:54 GMT

Kids make history with mass blog

Sonali meets other bloggers!

You may have seen our Newsround presenters' blog on the website, but have you ever written one?

For one day - Tuesday, 17 October - children across Britain were asked to write an online diary of their day.

Organisers said they hoped the mass blog would be read by people in the future - so our children's children will see what we were up to in 2006!

The bloggers took part by logging on to a website and entries are being accepted up to 31 October.

The mass blog is a bit like a time capsule - when we bury stuff that's important in our lives - only people will be able to read about our experiences rather than just look at stuff.

This week Sonali is writing the Newsround blog and she went along to a primary school where pupils were taking part in the event.

She found out what they were writing about and swapped blogging tips with them too!

Your entry can be between 100 and 650 words long. To add it all you have to is go to the History Matters website and log in.

Your entry will then become part of history and be stored by the British Library.