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Last Updated: Tuesday October 24 2006 15:26 GMT

Design a CD Cover

Word level

Listening point in a CD store


Some of the UK's top artists have contributed songs to an album being launched by the charity Save The Children.

The Kooks, Franz Ferdinand and Belle & Sebastian all got involved by recording a children's song for the album.

This lesson enables children to use IT skills to design their own covers and track listing by an artist of their choice.

Learning aims
  • Use ICT to create and design - discussing features such as layout and font.

Click below to read the story:

Britney Spears, PA

Children are going to become record company executives for a day and plan the release of a new CD.

In pairs, children discuss their favourite music acts in a bid to decide on one artist who they will manage.

Using Britney Spears, for example, fill in a writing frame which children have to complete about their artist. Sections to complete should include artist name, name of album, release date, details of images and 10 song titles. See below in Teacher's Background section for some Britney songs.

Alternatively, allow children to make up an imaginary artist/track listing if they can't recall/find out real life details.

Main activity

Children complete the artist sheet and then make rough plans on how to present the information on the two CD covers. On the computer, lay out the front cover using artist name, image and album name.

List the 10 song titles for the reverse cover.

Make sure there are some CD cases around so that children can measure their printed work against them.

Extension activities

Add detail to the covers using some of the following features - italic, bold, underline, border, shading, font change, colour etc.


Conduct a class survey by listing a number of songs for children to vote for.

Teachers' background

CD shopping
Read by a red-light laser beam, the CD plays from the centre to the edge, rotating at a speed varying from 400 times a minute at the beginning to 250 times a minute at the end
This is equivalent to flying round the earth one inch above the surface, up to 400 times a minute, counting every blade of grass on the way
CDs contain up to 680 megabytes of data. This is the equivalent of 250,000 double-sided A4 text

  • Save The Children works for youngsters in the UK and around the world who suffer from poverty, disease, injustice and violence, working with them to find lifelong answers to the problems they face.

  • Artists on the new album are Four Tet, Rasputina, Franz Ferdinand, Snow Patrol, Divine Comedy, Kooks, Half Man Half Biscuit, Barcelona Pavillion, Johnathan Richman, Ivor Cutler Trio, Belle & Sebastian and Kathryn Williams.

  • Ten songs by Britney Spears - Baby One More Time, Ooops I Did It Again, Stronger, Lucky, Overprotected, Me Against The Music, Toxic, Everytime, My Prerogative and Do Somethin'.

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