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Last Updated: Friday October 20 2006 11:12 GMT

Your views on the Madonna adoption row

Madonna in Malawi

The baby boy that Madonna and her husband are hoping to adopt has arrived in the UK.

The baby, who is from Malawi in Africa, will be staying here while officials decide if the couple can keep him.

Madonna is not the first celeb to consider adopting a child from Africa.

Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are parents of two kids they adopted from poor countries.

What do you make of this?

Do you think it's right that some of the richest people in the world go to the poorest countries to adopt?

Or do you think it's okay to adopt a child anywhere in the world?

And do you think the rules of adoption should be the same for everyone - famous or not?

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Your comments

I think that it's good that Madonna's adopted David because she is so admired. Maybe people will copy her and adopt the millions of children who have no family.
Sarah, 13, Leeds

Madonna would make any child really happy, why not adopt? She might as well, because she can give the child everything he'll need for a bright future.
Hannah, 13, Wiltshire

I think it is sort of unfair. I can't really decide, but it's wrong that if the child has a father.
Tanya, 11, London

I don't see what is the problem, if Angelina Jolie can do it, why can't Madonna?
Courtney, 12, High Wycombe

I think we should save kids and bring them to the UK.
Rayne, 11, Maidstone

Why shouldn't she adopt him? If his father has agreed then I don't what's the problem. He'll get a better education in England. Also, I bet that if his father wants to visit him, Madonna will let him because she's rich!
Rhiannon, 12, London

Why shouldn't she be allowed? It's doing something nice!
Natasha, 9, Lincolnshire

I think it's great that a little baby is being adopted to have a better life, but I think it's only fair that Madonna has to do what everybody else have to do before they adopt a baby in Malawi.
Molly, 12, Kent

I think that Madonna should not keep David because the boy has a dad. Madonna should keep to Malawi's rules and in my view, if she wants David, she has to live there for two years. Just because she's a superstar, it doesn't mean the rules can be changed!
George, 12, Portsmouth

I think people should stop talking about this, lots of people adopt so, what's so different about Madonna doing it?
Hannah, 12, Thurso

Why bend the rules for some one famous? Just because she is well known and trustworthy, does not mean she should get her way when hundreds can't.
Siobah, 13, London

I think that Madonna should be allowed to adopt David. She already has two kids and it's not like she can't provide for them! It's all a fuss about nothing.
Emily, 11, Falkirk

It is just stupid. There seems to be a fashion among celebrities where they adopt children from poor countries. I have never been a big fan of charities and this has done nothing to sway my view.
Osnat, 10, London

I think Madonna should be allowed to adopt him but she should also let the child visit Malawi in the future and maybe give some money to the orphanages there too.
Caitlin, 10, Ashington

I think Madonna needs to respect the country's rules. It's not fair that she can adopt David, especially when he has family. Just because she has money doesn't mean she should be treated differently to anybody else.
Alice, 12, Lincoln

I think Madonna should be able to adopt the baby because everyone knows her. I don't think the rules should change for everyone because they're complete strangers but Madonna is popular and trustworthy.
Jade, 11, Hungerford

Madonna is so cool and I think she will be a good mum to David.
Sara, 9, London

I think it's a great idea to give a better life to a poor boy who has lost his mum when he was born, and his dad is happy with adoption.
Caitlin, 11, Oxford

Go on Madonna! It's the best thing to save someone's life.
Jayde, 9, Dundee

I think he's going to have a good life here than in Africa.
Alex, 12, Saffron

I think that it's wrong that people won't let her adopt, just because she is famous doesn't mean this has to get tied up with the general public. And besides, I think it's a really nice thing to do. I wouldn't like to adopt a baby, and then be told I can't!
Matilda, 9, London

I think it's good that she has adopted him and I'm sure she can help lots of other people in Africa.
Sadiya, 12, Halifax

Why not? She's rich and she's a nice person! I bet she will be a good mum to little David!
Soma, 12, Manchester

It's great she adopted an African child but I think she should go through the same rules as a normal person.
Megz, 10, Lincoln

I think it's really kind what Madonna has done!
Caitlin, 8, Liverpool

I think it's good for Madonna to adopt David because she has got lots of money and she will help David get a good education.
Rajeev, 8, Birmingham

I think she shouldn't adopt David because some people spend ages trying to adopt some one and she goes in and just picks him out! Instead she should give money to David's family to help them get a better life.
Daisy, 10, Bury

I think that Madonna is offering David a fantastic life that he never would of had. I think that more celebrities should adopt. Madonna can give the boy a great education, love and a home. How is that a bad thing?
Shanice, 12, Walsall

Madonna will certainly give young David a better life! She's a good person!
Marriam, 10, Leicester

I think Madonna will treat him nicely and I think David will be very happy in this country. But I don't think the rules should change for her.
Laura, 10, Deals

I think that Madonna would do more good if she just gave money to a charity because then more than one child would have been supported.
Katy, 10, Watford

I think that it's fine that she's adopting him as long as it's alright with his father!
Maisie, 12, Exeter

I think what Madonna is doing is wrong. Instead she could give all the people in that town a little bit of money and so help more than one baby.
Jessica, 10, St Albans

I think it is good that she wants to make someone's life better but I think it would be better if the child stayed in that country where it was born.
Leah, 9, Wantage

I think that what Madonna is doing is wrong. You can't buy human life.
Katie, 12, Horsham

I think it is a good thing Madonna is adopting the kid. I am adopted and my life wouldn't be the same if I wasn't with my adopted parents. My real mum was poor and too young to look after me so it is good that this wee boy will have everything he needs.
Lynsey, 12

I think that Madonna is wrong to adopt a baby from a foreign country and take it away from its culture. I think that Madonna should give money to charities to help lots of babies in foreign countries.
Kerry, 14, Walsall

No, I don't think that it is fair that the rules are changed for celebrities. I think that baby David should stay in Malawi because it is the only place he has known.
Lauren, 9, Swansea

I think it's ok to adopt a child from Africa as it is beginning of a new life for that child.
Detiona, 13, London

Who cares about the laws, rules and regulations? Madonna should be thanked for doing such a great thing - so praise for her and her husband!
Lucy, 12, Manchester

I think it's right for Madonna to adopt David if it means she will help give him a better quality of life.
Amy, 12, Cambridge

What will happen when David is 11 or 12 and he realises his dad is still living in Africa? I think going from such a poor place to such a rich country will be very hard for him to deal with.
Emma, 12, Belfast

I think it's brilliant because she's helping someone else.
Lizzie, 10

I think it is right for the rules to change for famous people to adopt because a child will have a better life and future with them.
Gemma, 14, Surrey

I think that it's great that Madonna wants to adopt a child from a poorer country. If his parents think it's ok then it's fine and the child would get a much better education here.
Sarah, 13, Essex

I say, why not? Why are charities complaining? The kid will get a better life with Madonna, and I don't see what's so bad about that!
Matt, 12, Stockport

I think it's ok for celebs to adopt - they will obviously take good care of them, just like any other person would.
Dearbhla, 13, Kilrea

Just because she's a celeb, it doesn't mean she can by-pass the normal rules of adoption. Also, the baby has a father, she could've of chosen an orphan!
Imogen, 10, Banstead

I think it's all for publicity and the boy will probably end up with a nanny. Madonna may never really see him and he is more likely to grow up spoilt. But it might encourage normal families to adopt children, which is good.
Katie, 12, Northampton

I know that she's helping the baby but why go all the way to Africa when there are hundreds of kids with a bad life in this country?
Callum, 13, Brighton

I think that it's really nice of her to do this, and actually, I don't think that she is doing it for publicity.
Katy, 11, Ipswich

I'm not really sure if Madonna will take care of the boy, as he will probably end up with a nanny!
Gabriela, 13, Evesham

I say good luck and I hope they have a lovely life together.
Aneta, 10, London

I think the boy will have a nice life if Madonna is nice to him.
Alice, 9, Romesy

I think Madonna should be giving money to David's dad instead to build a house or even a village school, So that David can live with his family but still have a proper house and go to school.
Rebecca, 13, Norwich

I think it's good that celebrities take the time to go to poor countries and adopt young kids. Unless they don't take proper care of them, then it can be a problem but I' m sure Madonna will take care of David as her own.
Momina, 10, Falkirk

I like Madonna, she's a great celeb, but I think what she is doing is wrong. Instead of adopting the child, she should have given the family some money, so that they can look after the baby.
Sophie, 12, Portchester

We think there are lots of children in this country and the US who need help. So, why can't she adopt one of them.
Frances and Catherine, 13, Reading

I think Madonna will be great to David and hopefully David will have the best time of his life!
Charlotte, 11, Bingham

I think she should be allowed to adopt David. She will give him a better life than the one he used to have. He will be loved and cared for.
Alice, 14, Omagh

I don't believe adopting children from other countries is necessarily wrong, but in this case David has family alive and well in Malawi. I don't think it would be fair to deprive him of that.
Jessie, 13, London

I think that famous people adopting unfortunate children is good but it's probably just for publicity.
Jenni, 13, London

I think that Madonna will be good to David and I'm sure she will give him a better life.
Sophie, 8, Stepney

I think it's nice to see kids from less fortunate countries being adopted. But I also think that celebrities are making adoption seem fashionable!
Jessica, 12, Surrey

I'd say good luck to Madonna and Guy. They're giving a better life to a little boy.
Michelle, 12, Liverpool

I think Madonna will be a great mum. She's giving a child a chance to have a very nice life and I'm really pleased for her.
Charli, 12, Leicester

I like Madonna and I am sure she will be a great mum to David. But I also think that the same rules to adopt should apply to everyone, including famous people.
John, 11, Nottingham

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