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Last Updated: Wednesday October 18 2006 09:56 GMT

What do you think about veils?

Woman wearing a veil

A teaching assistant has been suspended from her job because she refused to take her veil off.

The row has sparked lots of discussion on women wearing veils. Some Muslim women say the holy book the Koran tells them that they should wear the veil.

But other people say the veil stops women from being able to communicate properly as you can't see their face and see their expression.

But what do you think about it? Are you worried that Muslims are being picked on? Perhaps you're going to wear a veil when you're older?

Or maybe you really don't like veils and think it's right that the teaching assistant was suspended.

Whatever your view is, we want to know!

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Your comments

People deserve the right to choose what they wear, especially if it is part of their religion. Others should respect that and just learn to live with it. It's silly to get worked up about!
Rachel, 11, Cockermouth

I think Muslim women SHOULD be allowed to wear the veil as it's significantly important for them. Everyone should be allowed to wear what they want despite what others think, otherwise it's discrimination!
Hamsa, 13, London

No, I think they should be allowed to wear their veils. The children they teach will get used to seeing their teacher wearing a veil.
Lauren, 12, Colchester

I think it's unfair because children can not hear what their teacher is saying and they can not see her properly.
Scarlett, 10, Somerset

I think it's okay to wear veils but it can be quite intimidating for younger children.
Lauren, 12, Colchester

I think it's all about freedom of choice and belief. If the school requires her to take it off, then maybe it would be best if she moves to another school where she can wear it.
Emma, 9, Singapore

I think people should respect others religious beliefs. If they want to wear a veil, I think it is OK!
Mary, 13, Devon

It's part of their culture so, they should keep their veils, but only if they want to.
Katie, 13, Liverpool

It's ok, because it's their religion. It would be hard to be able to talk to them though, as you can barely see their face.
Amelia, 12, Ipswich

I think she is good to be suspended because what if someone is deaf and they can't lip read.
Rosie, 12, Eastbourne

I think that she should be allowed to wear the veil because it's her choice to wear was she wants. A Sikh person would not be asked to take off his turban so, I don't see why she has to. If she was employed knowing that she would cover her face then I don't see why she isn't allowed now!
Afifah, 12, Birmingham

I think it's perfectly fine for Muslim women to wear veils because it's part of their religion.
Rakhsana, 11, Glasgow

I think Muslim women should wear what they want to wear. I mean we wear what we want, so let them do the same!
Sarah, 13, Birmingham

I think people should be allowed to wear what they want.
Aisha, 13, Leicester

I think Muslim women have the right to wear veils. If they feel they should and have to then it's up to them. Nuns cover their faces and I don't see anyone complaining about that.
Tammy, 13, Luton

I think if her employer doesn't see it fit for her to wear the veil then she should take it off or find another job.
Phil, 13, Loughborough

I am not sure about the veil. In a way it's ok but I worry some people could just wear one and just to do a crime as they can't be recognised with it on.
Sangeeta, 11, Glasgow

I am a Muslim girl and feel that too much pressure is being put on Muslim women. Many people think that Muslim women are forced to wear the veil but they are not - they wear it of their own choice.
Natasha, 14, Birmingham

I am a Muslim and I wear a hijab. I think it's a free country and everyone should have the right to choose to wear whatever they want.
Sarah, 12, Livingston

I think that wearing veils is wrong. It blocks Muslims from society and makes them stand out as different.
Daniel, 10, Durham

I think that wearing a veil should not be allowed in schools, some pupils find them frightening and less comfortable talking to people wearing them.
Simon, 12, London

I love them, it's a part of my religion.
Lauren, 11, Blyth

I'd at least want to see my teachers face!
Leah, 13, Chester

I think that Muslims should take of their veils when teaching because it is unfair to children who may not be able to hear and therefore will lose out.
Joe, 11, Bristol

I don't like it. They look scary.
Jack, 10, Stamford

I don't think they should be allowed to wear them in public buildings (e.g. schools, cafes, etc) because it is really hard to talk to them as you can't see their face.
Steven, 12, Yeovil

My teacher wears a veil and I don't think it's bad, as she's not hurting anyone. It's up to people to choose what they want to wear.
Jack, 9, London

I'm a Muslim and I only wear a headscarf and Islam doesn't say you have to cover your face but I would like to wear a veil when I am older but I don't think people should wear it while teaching.
Aisha, 13, London

It isn't fair because if we want to wear short skirts in their country we wouldn't be allowed to!
Emily, 13, Portadown

I think this is terrible. Muslim women are simply following their religion. We talk of world peace but we can't possibly obtain it if we treat people this way.
Ciara, 12, Carlingford

I am a Muslim boy and my mummy says she's happy to be married to a Muslim husband who is not too strict with all these things and allows her to dress like normal women.
Akeem, 12, Birmingham

I think it is wrong and it isn't fair, it's all about men controlling women and it shouldn't be like that.
Maddie, 13, Doncaster

I think Muslim women should be able to wear veils because it's their choice on how they want to look on the street in public.
Shamma, 11, South London

I think veils are bad because you can't see who you're talking to.
Neil, 12, Manchester

I think it's really unfair. People have their own religion and people should respect that. They are doing no harm so I don't see what the problem is!
Rachel , 12, Hayes

I think Muslim women should be allowed to wear veils over their faces if they want to!
Helen, 10, Glasgow

It's not very easy to communicate with a person wearing a veil, but it's their choice in the long run.
Robyn, 12, Gloucester

My mum wears a veil because she says her beauty is only for my dad to see. What's wrong with that?
Humzah, 9, Maidstone

Who are we to decide what Muslims wear? They have the right to follow their own holy book, just as we do. It's wrong and discriminating to tell Muslims that they are not allowed to wear their veils.
Sarah, 14, Ellon

What about nuns. They cover their heads and go out, but no one says anything. And when Muslim women wear a scarf or a veil, it's considered bad!
Rabia, 13, Dubai

I think that if Muslim women want to wear veils, they should be allowed to. But I don't understand why the veils are always black. Maybe they would look less intimidating if the veils were bright colours.
Sally, 11, Crieff

I think that wearing a veil is ok because I cover myself too and I think that it is up for women to decide whether to cover themselves or not. They can't be forced into taking off or wearing a veil.
Samer, 12, London

I heard that it's not part of religion to wear it in front of children as she worked in a school. I don't think they should wear them, I like to see people's faces.
Gurff, 13, Nottingham

I think wearing the veil is ok because it is part of the Muslim religion for Muslim women
Kamal, 12, Northampton

I think they should wear them in school if they want to.
Amie, 14, Lincoln

I think it fine for everyone to respect them to do as their religion says. But I don't think it is right for Muslims to be allowed to wear veils and for Christians not to wear crosses as in the news recently.
Hana, 13, Somerset

I don't think people should be allowed to wear the veil because when we go to Muslim countries we have to cover ourselves up.
Liv, 13, Birmingham

I think the only people who have a right to decide are the children she teaches, if they would rather she didn't wear it then fine but if they don't mind then no-one else should comment on it.
Robyn, 12, Northampton

It's a free country, people should be allowed to wear what ever they want.
Jamie, 13, Carlisle

I'm a Muslim and I wear a head scarf but Islam doesn't say you have to cover your face and I wouldn't wear a veil because I don't think it's practical. I feel uncomfortable around women who cover their face and I wouldn't be surprised if anyone else does either.
Zahra, 14, London

If a nun decided to teach at a school nobody would tell her to remove her head-scarf thing! I think she should be allowed to wear her veil.
Kitty, 14, USA

I think it is up to them, if they want to wear a veil they can. And I think politicians should take a step back and not get involved in religion because this just causes violence.
Arfan, 14, Chesham

I think that a lot of people would be very happy for Muslim women not to wear the face veil as you don't know who you're talking to when they have one on. It separates the Muslim community from other communities.
Andrew, 13, London

By wearing veils, women teaching at schools are showing children that there is more to the world than their home town and that not everyone looks the same. The earlier our generation learns this, the fewer misunderstandings will develop in the future.
Em, 12, USA

I don't think women should wear veils because it effects the way they connect with people.
Victoria, 14, London

I think that if Muslim women want to wear veils and it makes them feel safer and more comfortable then that's their choice. Although I do find the veils a bit intimidating.
Gareth, 12, Cardiff

I don't think Muslim women should wear veils because it basically means men and women are treated differently because Muslim men don't have to wear veils and so the women shouldn't have to either.
Sandy, 12, Walsall

I think it can be quite scary to look at a woman wearing a veil. They seem to want to be quite separate from others and people need to see your expressions especially when being taught. Muslim countries have strict laws and so should we.
Julie, 12, Birmingham

I think it is stupid because we should be able to see people for who they are and some people may get the wrong idea about Muslim women wearing them.
Miriam, 12, London

I think they can wear veils if they want. It's just like wearing a cross if you want.
Cam, 12, London

I don't think it's up to the government to decide whether women should wear a veil. If you want to then you should it's a part of a religion.
Amrit, 12, Leeds

I see people wearing veils. Well if they want to, it's their choice because its their religion.
Marriam, 10, Leicester

I as a Muslim girl think that Muslim women do not have to cover their face, especially in the classroom or working with children. Most Muslim women do not cover their face and wear hijab (headscarf) and modest dress most Muslim people say that is okay.
Madinah, 10, Glasgow

I think it's stupid. Why should you have a face if you're just going to cover it up? If some people feel like they should wear a veil then that's their choice but I'll never wear one.
Serina, 13, USA

I am Muslim and think that the whole idea of women taking off the veil is wrong. Muslims are asked to dress modestly by the Qur'an, our holy book, women veil themselves so men don't feel attracted to them as that is wrong in our culture. Marriage is the first stage of love. This might seem silly in front of non-Muslims but in fact it is a good idea.
Hassin, 13, Manchester

I think women should wear veils if they want, but I wouldn't want to wear one when I'm older
Anna, 10, Birmingham

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