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Last Updated: Tuesday October 31 2006 12:47 GMT

Book Review: A Series of Unfortunate Events - The End


A Series of Unfortunate Events: The End


Lemony Snicket

Publication date

13 October 2006

The story

It's the end at last for the Baudelaire orphans. At the end of the 12th book the trio were left in a boat with Count Olaf, and as the book begins a storm is coming...

They make it somehow to an island run by a man called Ishmael, where for the first time people believe them and not Count Olaf's lies.

But will things run smoothly or not?

Seriously, if you think the answer to that question is yes you've obviously not read a Lemony Snicket book before.

The characters

As always Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire. And the evil Count Olaf.

Ishmael, who is in charge of the people on the island, and a very helpful young girl they meet there called Friday.

A couple of old friends make an appearance too - one a very pregnant lady and the other a dangerous-looking creature from many, many books ago.


Fearful fungus the Medusoid Mycelium makes a comeback and, as expected, not in a good way - and without any wasabi to act as a cure, what will happen?

It's great to have characters who finally see through one of Count Olaf's terrible disguises.

And we finally find out more about the secrets of the Baudelaire parents and the past of Lemony Snicket, his sister Kit and the mysterious Beatrice.

Any weak bits?

As with any series that stretches to 13 books, it can get a bit confusing as to which character is which and why certain things are important. Especially in a series that is designed to be so confusing.

And you'd hope that after reading 13 books all the loose ends of the plot would be tied up nice and tight, but of course, in a frustrating way, they're not.


Oh yes. To find out what happens to the Baudelaires, and Count Olaf, to see if the ending of The End is quite as gloomy as Lemony Snicket would have his readers believe.

NR rating:

Four out of five

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Your comments

Well, personally, I thought that this book was fair. The beginning and middle was brilliant, but the ending was complete rubbish.
Anna, 13, London

This is a really good book! I've bought and read every one in the series and I really enjoy reading them, I'm just sad there won't be any more!
Sophie, 13. Bedford

I thought it was brilliant, I couldn't put it down!
Nikki, 14, Essex

This was the best book in the series! But a lot is left unravelled...
Benjamin, 11, Tavistock

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