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Last Updated: Friday October 13 2006 14:02 GMT

Sealife booming after fishing ban


Scientists might have found the answer to the problem of catching too many fish and damaging the undersea world.

A test was set up around the tiny island of Lundy near Devon to see if stopping fishing altogether for three years would make sealife recover.

Scientists were amazed to see that not only did the numbers of common species of fish increase and grow bigger, but rare ones were booming too.

Some experts now think should be more no-catch areas around the UK.

However, some fishermen aren't happy about the plans, as the no-catch areas might put them out of work.

Fishing doesn't just affect the species that people are trying to catch, as other plants and animals are caught up in the nets or damaged by boats.

Inside the no-catch area there are six times as many lobsters compared to outside it, and they are about 10% bigger.

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