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Last Updated: Sunday October 08 2006 17:24 GMT

Quiz: Conkers


Question 1

What tree do conkers come from?

A: Horse chestnut tree
B: Donkey chestnut tree
C: Mule chestnut tree

Question 2

What did people used to use horse chestnut tree wood for?

A: Hockey sticks
B: Artificial limbs
C: Railway sleepers

Question 3

How many conkers did Eamonn Dooley of Ireland smash in an hour in October 2001?

A: 125
B: 289
C: 306

Question 4

In what year was the first recorded game of conkers?

A: 1066
B: 1848
C: 1936

Question 5

Which beast are conkers NOT a suitable snack for?

A: Deer
B: Cattle
C: Guinea-pigs

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