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Last Updated: Saturday October 07 2006 11:44 GMT

Amazing photos of Red Planet

Spectacular pictures of Mars have been taken by a probe sent to find out more about the Red Planet.

The photos show views of the Victoria Crater, which is made up of layers of earth that could give exciting information about the planet's history.

The Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter reached Mars in March and has now got into position to begin scientific tests.

The spacecraft is the size of a small bus and carries some of the most hi-tech equipment used on a Mars probe.

It's really hard to get to Mars and 21 out of 35 missions to Mars have failed since 1960.

Photo taken of Mars

It's the fourth ever satellite to be sent to Mars. Two US robots also roam the planet and send data to earth.

The science phase of the mission is expected to take two years and the team behind it say they'll be able to collect 10-times more data than on all of the previous Mars missions put together.

Photo taken of Mars