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Last Updated: Sunday October 08 2006 10:26 GMT

Ceremonies remember quake dead

Kids light candles to remember those who died in the earthquake

It's exactly a year since a powerful earthquake hit South Asia, killing about 75,000 people.

All over the world there have been ceremonies to remember those who died, including a minute's silence in Pakistan at the time the quake struck.

The tremor hit as the school day was starting - 18,000 kids died in schools alone, more were killed at home.

About 400,000 people are still living in tents and face another cold winter without proper housing.

Newsround visited kids in Pakistan to hear their earthquake stories. Many of them were in school when the quake hit.

Sumara told us: "We were in school when the earthquake happened. We got stuck under the rubble - our teacher rescued us. Our school was the only one in the area that opened a month after the earthquake."

Navid survived the quake
Navid survived the quake
Navid, 10, said: "I was so scared. So many children were hurt."

And Fakhira, 11, said: "My aunt and grandfather died in the earthquake. I'm scared it will happen again."

Zainab, 10, feels the same: "My school was ruined - when I got home most of my family had died. I have nightmares about another earthquake."

The region affected by the earthquake
The region affected by the earthquake

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