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Last Updated: Saturday October 07 2006 09:34 GMT

Quake kids recovering one year on

Fakhra and Nadra

Sunday 8 October marks the first anniversary of the strongest earthquake to hit Pakistan this century.

When the earthquake struck most kids were at school. Thousands of people died and many of them were children.

Newsround went to meet two brave survivors of the earthquake- sisters Fakhra and Nadra.

Most of their home town of Muzaffarabad was destroyed by the quake. Now people live in tents and there's still a long way to go before they recover fully.

New schools have been built up in the mountains because the old ones were all destroyed.

It takes sisters Nadra and Fakhra two hours to walk to their new school. It used to take just 10 minutes. Everyday, they walk past their old school.

Home destroyed

There are massive cracks in the wall and signs that a class was taking place when the earthquake came.

Fakhra told Newsround: "I ran home and my home was destroyed. I was really scared. Everyone was crying and running around.

"Two members of my family died and so did many of my friends."

Fakhra and Nadra in their new home
Fakhra and Nadra in their new home
Now Fakhra and Nadra live in a shelter built by their family. Like the millions of survivors living in the areas affected by the earthquake, their home was squashed.

For a while, the five sisters, brother and their parents had to live in a tent.

Now the family are lucky as they have a new home and access to water at home, which is a luxury in this area.

Things are looking up for the sisters and their family. After the earthquake they didn't know what their future would hold.

But one year later, they sing and laugh, which is a sign that their life is slowly getting back to normal.

The region affected by the earthquake
The region affected by the earthquake

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