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Last Updated: Friday October 06 2006 14:47 GMT

Kids better spellers than parents


You're much better at spelling than your parents were 30 years ago, researchers have claimed.

Despite lots of people saying school is getting easier, most kids seem to be 12 to 18 months ahead of what the spelling standard was 30 years ago.

Nearly half the eight-year-olds who were tested in 2005 got 26 words or more right out of 40, compared with just a quarter of kids in 1975.

Experts reckon the rise in standards is because you're starting school earlier.

More and more kids are beginning school in the reception class, which means they get used to reading and writing earlier than ever before.

They also said that because of the number of tests kids have to do at school spelling has been made more important in the last few years.

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