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Last Updated: Wednesday October 11 2006 11:19 GMT

One year after South Asia quake: Your thoughts

Quake survivor

One year ago, hundreds of thousands of people had their lives changed by a huge earthquake in South Asia.

Some two million people are facing a tough winter, because they have no proper homes, and lots of kids are missing their parents.

Do you have any messages for the survivors of the quake?

Maybe you have friends and family in the area?

Send us your thoughts, comments and feelings on the disaster.

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Your comments

I feel sorry for the kids who have lost their parents.
Joelle, 9, Aintree

This it's so sad and heart breaking. I wish I could go and help all those families. My school do lots of charity work which we are very proud of!
Jeszy, 13, Liverpool

I feel really devastated for all those who were in the earthquake. At school we raised 187 for new homes.
Abadou, 12, Chelmsford

It's so sad that these things happen all over the world!
Lisa, 13, Holland

I feel sorry for everyone who suffered from the earthquake. Not fair on them. I wish I could be there to help them and I hope they are all well and safe.
Natasha , 11, Wellingbourgh

I hope they recover quickly.
Hamza, 11, Slough

I feel so sorry for the children who have no homes.
Freya, 8, London

I hope all children, adults and animals find a safe shelter this winter. My family live in Pakistan and we will go and visit them.
Khaaban, 10, London

I have relatives in Pakistan, luckily they are OK.
Umar, 11, Newport

I feel really sorry for the children and people who are suffering at the moment and I hope they will find some shelter before winter.
Molly, 10, Northampton

Brave doesn't describe these people. I wish them all the best of luck and hope they all recover soon.
Olivia, 11, London

I feel so sorry for the children and animals there with no homes.
Lauren, 10, Burnley

It is really sad to the people who died and the people who lost their family.
Maisha, 9, London

I don't know what to say, life can sometimes be so unfair on so many people. I wish them all the best of luck in times to come.
Fleur, 10, Bridgnorth

I think it is really sad what has happened to these kids. It's a shame little kids now are orphans or are living in poor conditions. Luckily, organisations like UNICEF are helping them. I want to help too!
Nikki, 12, USA

It is a terrible and a tragic thing that happened and I'm sad that many families were torn apart. I hope nothing like that ever happens again for many many years!
Alice, 12, Uckfield

I think it's sad what happened to all those people. They will be in my thoughts. Just think, we take houses for granted and people who live there would do anything to have a roof over their heads!
Heather, 12, Glasgow

I have many relatives in Pakistan and so when I heard about the earthquake I was really worried about my family, but thank God they were safe.
Fatimah, 13

Why are people still living in tents? Surely a year is long enough for other countries to help out?
Rachael, 13, Aberdeenshire

I feel sorry for the people effected because it must have come as such a shock.
Launa, 10, Leeds

I think it is very sad and heartbreaking.
Eloise, 12, Warrington

I was scared when I found out about the Pakistan earthquake as my mum's side of the family lives there and I wasn't sure if they were safe.
Afraa, 11, Edinburgh

I think we are very lucky and the people who have survived it our extremely brave.
Olivia, 12, Newton Abbot

I feel so sorry for them because I am now sitting in a warm house getting food but these children are coping with the complete opposite.
Ross, 13, Falkirk

It was really sad. My friend lived there for a year and she was there when the earthquake occurred but she is safe and sound. Thank God for that.
Rabia, 13, Dubai

Really, has it already been one year? It is amazing how fast time goes by. I still feel terrible for those people who died.
Liz, 12, USA

I think that it is sad that people lost their lives but at least we still remember them.
Sophie, 12, Carshalton

I felt so sorry for everybody out there. I didn't realise what had happened straight away as I was in France. I especially feel sorry for the kids. I had tears in my eyes when I heard.
Harriet, 10, Suffolk

I feel so sorry for the people who died, were injured and people who are still homeless.
Faisal, 9, Whinmoor

I cried when this happened, I feel so sorry for the people there.
Marriam, 10, Leicester

The world isn't getting better. All these earthquakes killing lots of people. I'm glad that some have recovered.
Charlie, 11, France

I think those people who survived are brave and they should be grateful!
Rebecca, 11, Hartlepool

I hope people there stay strong.
Eleanor, 11, Galway

It's really upsetting about what happened last year, and I feel sorry for all the people who died. It must have been really hard news to take in for the people who had relatives involved in the earthquake.
Lisa, 11, Manchester

Most of my family live in Asia and I am just glad they are safe but unfortunately a cousin of mine lost her cousin because of this, so I am very upset.
Momina, 10, Falkirk

What happened one year ago is very upsetting and it is very sad because they don't have any proper homes to live in like us. I feel sorry to all the people who died.
Michael, 12, Birmingham

I feel sorry for the people there. We have food and clean water and they don't have food and water. They have to walk miles to get their water and we only have to go to our kitchen to get water.
Rebecca, 13, Stoke on Trent

My mum helps people that were made homeless or orphaned and she saw the devastation caused by the quake. She told me loads of stories about this.
Fifi, 12, Durham

The survivors of the earthquake should be proud of themselves for being so strong. My heart goes out to them.
Nigella , 14, Leeds

When I heard about this I was horrified. I feel so sorry for the people affected and I think they are so brave.
Shannis, 11, Pudsey

I lost my five aunties and 12 cousins in the earthquake. I don't think my family will ever recover. There is such an empty space in my family now and I hope others are coping better.
Marinamush, 9, Bradford

I was in a small earthquake a few years ago and that was scary. I can't imagine what a big earthquake would be like.
Alice, 10, London

I think this is very sad and the government needs to work harder to help the homeless people in Pakistan. I have seen the pain and suffering and it is very awful so I think everyone should send donations to a charity which can help them.
Mariyam, 13, London

I feel sorry for everybody who still have no homes and have to live in tents. I wish them good luck!
Lucy, 9, London

I've got relatives out there, and although they're alright now, they were in a really bad way for a while.
Majid, 10, York

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